Do you know that Indonesia currency has Lord Ganesha Picture

Indonesia is a country where 87.5% of the population are Muslims and 3% are Hindus, but you’ll find plenty of Hindu motifs everywhere you look.

Among different cases of across the board Hindu impact in Indonesia, is the 20,000 rupiah note with an engraving of Lord Ganesha close by a photo of Ki Hajar Dewantara in the front. The rear of the note has a photo of a classroom with youngsters considering.


It is trusted that the Indonesian archipelago was under Hindu impact as far back as the primary century and the way of life has conveyed forward to contemporary circumstances with local adherents of Hindu gods and practices.

While Lord Ganesha is generally viewed as the God of expressions, sciences and scholarly shrewdness, Ki Hajar Dewantara was a notable Indonesian freedom extremist and a pioneer of instruction for local Indonesians when the nation was under Dutch impact. The photo of the classroom at the back backings the subject of the note, that of training.

There are a lot of Hindu themes exhibit all through the nation, the Ramayana and Mahabharata stories are broadly pervasive among the locals, there is a Krishna-Arjuna statue at Jakarta square, the Indonesian military has Hanuman as their mascot and the Bali tourism logo is roused from Hindu folklore and its imagery. Bandung Institute of Technology, a regarded head instructive foundation has Ganesha as its logo.

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