Importance of Tree plantation.

Tree plantation is an important activity to make our environment greener and cleaner. We must plant trees in every season (except in high temperature level of summer) and take care of it. Usually, tree plantation programs are held just before the onset of the monsoons so that the saplings can get plenty of water to grow.

We must choose the right kinds of trees to plant. If we plant exotic trees, the purpose of environment protection may be defeated. We must try to plant native and local trees of the place.

Importance of Tree plantation.

We can also plant trees that have medicinal uses. Similarly, we can plant trees based on the season of blooming and the colours of their blossoms so that their appearance in avenues is pleasing to the eye. We can plant trees in the neighbourhood of where we live. We must care of the trees we plant. Trees are important for the Earth and its environment, and for all life forms.

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