‘Kala Bhoomi’ Odisha’s First Handloom and Handicrafts Museum

‘Kala Bhoomi’ – A Paradise For Handloom And Handicraft Lovers!

‘Kala Bhoomi’ – the Handicrafts and Handloom historical center, which opened its ways to the general population in March, is no shy of a Wonder.

A tremendous show of the astounding expressions and specialties of Odisha, the gallery features family unit objects, adornments, folklore/old stories portrayals, palm-leaf painting and drawing, dhokra craftsmanship, metal works, stone cutting, woodcarving, pattachitra, earthenware, appliqué work, handlooms among others. It commends our state’s superb handloom, handiwork and inborn customs and additionally our rich culture and legacy.

The specialties exhibition hall, sprade over 13 acors of land is partitioned into two squares – painstaking work and handloom.

The craftsmanship segment will display exceptional fine arts of Odisha specialists, the handloom area will show conventional materials and weaves.

Things, for example, earthenware, artistic creations, dhokra and chime metal work, Pattachitra, wood carvings, family unit objects, decorations, folklore/legends portrayals, palm-leaf compositions, drawing, applique work, stone and wood cutting and inborn craftsmanship will be shown in eight separate exhibitions.

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