Luka Modric, child refugee to Croatia Football star

The world has watched in as Croatia battled their way through the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the team will take on France in the country’s first World Cup championship.

As the Croatian team’s captain, Modric has shown tremendous leadership, providing excellent passes and crucial motivation during the team’s several overtime appearances. He may have developed that strength under pressure during a uniquely challenging childhood.

5 Years Old Luka Modric As Shepherd Now Playing FIFA World Cup Final



Luka Modric was born in Zadar, Croatia in 9th of September 1985, He was born into a family of refugees, His mother was a textile worker and Father repaired machine for Croatian soldier during Bosnia war.

Lukas were playing in the refugee camp without a windy ball,
but even in this horrific scenario, 6-year-old Luka used to play in a refugee camp with a football without air. With the hope that one day he will leave this bad phase behind and live a life of peace and happiness. Modric does not discuss the problems of his childhood, but when he had a deal with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in 2008, he had told them about his personal life.

Do not forget the memories of childhood, nor do you want to forget about it. Modric
Luca Modric, talking about his childhood, says, “When the war started, we became refugees. It was definitely a very tough time. I was 6 years old, in my excitement, the blurry memories of those difficult days are still fresh. But, I do not want to miss them. We had to stay in a hotel for many years, money was tight. But I always loved football I remember that there was a picture of Brazilian starter Ronaldo on my first shin pad. The war made me strong. It was a tough time for me and my family. I do not want to keep those memories with me, but I do not even want to forget them. ‘


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