Over 97% Odias Prefer Non-Veg: Govt Study

Busting the myth that India is predominantly a vegetarian country, a government study has revealed that 71 per cent of the population is non-vegetarian. Odisha falls under the high non-vegetarian category as only about 2.65 per cent stick to vegetarian dish.

According to the Nation Wide Survey Conducted by the office of Registrar General & the Census Commissioner, Telangana and West Bengal have the highest number of non-vegetarians with 98.8 per cent men and 98.6 per cent women enjoying meat.

The study was conducted in 2014 and the report was released in 2016. But some media reports, quoting government officials, said the figure remains as good in 2019. The study was recently presented before the Election Commission as it did a pan-India analysis of festivals and religious occasions before finalising the poll dates.

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