Paika Rebellion of Odisha is now a chapter in History book of Class VIII by NCERT

Chapter on Odisha’s Paika Rebellion has been included in History book of Class VIII by NCERT. There is a chapter on freedom fighter Veer Surendra Sai in the book as well .

One such freedom that has been presented as a contextual investigation in Class VIII is the Paika Rebellion of 1817. It is hailed as India’s first battle for autonomy that had shaken the might of the British realm. The Paikas had given a clarion call for opportunity under the initiative of Bakshi Jagabandhu. Their brave deeds still keep on motivating innumerable Odias, giving them a feeling of pride about their rich heritage.

“In entirety, it was the main such prevalent enemy of British uprising in Odisha, which had extensive impact on the eventual fate of the British organization in different parts of the nation. To only consider it a Paika Rebellion will in this manner be putting it mildly,” two pages gave to ‘The Khurda Uprising’ said.

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