Ecovilla a new generation in the field of cooperative farming.

Ecovilla is a new generation in the field of cooperative farming. Selffarming by ecovilla provides a simple solution to the users. ecovilla allot small farms of varying sizes to users

Users can decide what they want to grow on the plot. They can even choose a package which will allow them to grow a number of vegetables on their single farm. 

For example one package can include Tomato, brinjals, Spinach, Lemon, Chilli, Pumpkin and bittergourd. 

The user just selects the farm size and the vegetables and our farmers available on the fields do the planting.

User can track growh of tree by useing ecovilla app.

The app provides users with a soil test report and also the approximate yields which can be expected for a crop from the farm. Once the farm has been planted with the requisite crops the user is updated with weekly images and videos of the farm.

The whole process is completely Organic in nature and we list out the fertilizers we are using on the farm and the process how they were sourced. 

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