Top 5 Beautiful Hill stations in Odisha

Odisha attracts its visitors with its scenic, serene and sublime natural beauty. Here you can find a unique combination of beautiful locations, exotic cultures and warm & friendly people.
5 hill stations in Odisha :


Daringbadi is one of the most beautiful place in Odisha. The place is gifted with coffee gardens, pine forests and beautiful valleys . It is Known as “Kashmir of Odisha”

Taptapani mainly famous for its hot water . It is one of the most attractive place in Odisha.The place has a uniform tempreture throughout the year.

Mahendragiri is a place of great senic beauty. The place is sorrounding on three sides by hills and thicks forests. The top of the hill offers most incredible view of the surrounding area.

The main place to visiting here is the kapilash temple built in the traditional kalinga style architecture. Thousand of piligrims gather here from various parts of the state.

Olasuni Hill
The world famous “Olasuni Gumpha” the sacred seat of perfection and the Mhasambhi temple of santha Arakhita Das is situated here is the temple of Goddess olasuni

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