World Kidney Day: Be aware of Kidney diseases

World Kidney Day is annually observed on second Thursday in March. This year, it falls on March 14. The day is marked to raise awareness about the importance of kidneys and how they are related to our overall health. This year, the theme of World Kidney Day is “Kidney Health For Everyone Everywhere.

” The two bean-shaped organs in the body, just about the size of the fist, are essential for removing waste products from the blood and regulating the water fluid levels. Kidneys filter blood approximately 400 times a day. If the kidneys do not function well, they may lead to chronic kidney disease. Uncontrolled high blood pressure, high blood sugar over the years can be the possible reasons behind it.


Facts on kidney diseases:

According to National Health Portal, chronic kidney disease is the sixth fastest growing cause of death. 850 million people worldwide are now estimated to have kidney diseases due to various causes. Around 1.7 million people are estimated to die annually due to acute kidney injury globally.

Precautions to prevent kidney diseases:

To prevent oneself from kidney diseases, one must reduce salt intake to lower blood pressure and avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. Being physically fit and active also helps in preventing renal diseases. Over-the-counter drugs must be avoided and healthy body weight must be maintained. Diabetes and obesity is a major risk factor for kidney disease, hence it is important for people with diabetes to have regular tests to check their blood sugar levels and also manage their weight.

Blood pressure must also be kept in check and the body should be well-hydrated.

Kidney disease can progress to kidney failure. In case of kidney failure, dialysis may be required. The government’s Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Programme provides this life-saving procedure and covers out of pocket expenditure for patients.


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